Something about me

The journey that I’ve been through showed me what is really possible in connecting between us people.

I met along the way so many people that helped me to understand the need for deep intimacy in our world. 

I'm here for you!

I’m here to bring you closer to yourself and closer to others. Getting you out of your head and into your body.

From the deepest of my heart, and the inside of my soul. This is my mission. This is what I’m here for.

WHAT brought me into productions?

When I was 16, I didn’t like the parties I went to. I didn’t understood why people like the loud music and cheap alcohol as a way of connecting.

So I created my own line of parties. Already thinking about all the little details and curated the vibe that I was looking for.

In school I was always different, just because I was always myself. Following my intuition and using my mind as a tool and not a controller.  After my high school I went for a year of volunteering in my youth club. Managing two centers of few hundred kids In the suburbs of Israel.

I learned a lot about leadership, management, and tools to be confident in space holding, marketing, and communication. 

'In my free time I meditate'

In my free time I started to meditate, do yoga and went to a few development courses such as real estate, business management and financial analytics in the Stock market.

I builded a business idea based on sustainable 3D printing and developed a format for a tv game show.  

fun facts about me:

  • I love to cook, especially Israeli food. (Best shakshuka you will ever try).            
  • My current favorite hobbies are chess and poker. 
  • Sagittarius sun, scorpio moon, cancer rising. (Keep me on my good side 😉
  • In my human design I’m a pure Generator, ready for action!
  • My guilty pleasure is Netflix and potato chips.