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creating the playground for people to connect deeply through conscious events


Hey I'm Nero,

I am a passionate creator on a mission to help evolve and uplift the quality of relationships on our planet. 

In my events, I am bringing the focus to create spaces where authentic connections can be, with ease and joy.

Event Production

Turning visions into reality

I can take any vision and make it a reality in the most efficient and creative way possible. My skills involve marketing strategy, logistics, managing teams, and curating spaces. I specialise in finding the best of everything for your vision. My awareness and trust in my skills, making every event successful and unique. 

Some of my productions

vocal freedom


I”m creating workshops and reatrets where you can be vulnerable & authentic with other people without judgement or guilt.

The space I”m holding focus on healing our relationship with touch. Its a safe space to practice our boundaries and desires, and being able to speak them with confidence.

my events focus on
authenticity, connection, love and playfulness

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